Voar Redd Up

Hi Guys

At the AGM it was decided that we would do our main Voar Redd Up event at Papa. (not Papa Stour or Papa Little) . This requires the club to go by Kayak and our support crew will be Ian in his boat , and maybe others who knows, who has kindly offered to take the bags back to Scalloway marina for the Amenity trust to collect. We will also be tidying up the marina as usual as it is our home patch.

If anyone is interested and would like to book a club kayak for the event then let me know as numbers will be limited.

For those who have their own kayak let me know if you are coming as the start point will be decided on nearer the time and we would not want to leave you behind.

All this is subject to the weather and no one has control over that. Not even me. Or Beth.

So fingers crossed for a good day.

Check the link – Ordnance Survey maps – and test your knowledge to see if you can find it. It will be good practice for you when you are deciding which trip to host this year. If you need a grid reference please ask. We have been there several times on Tuesday night trips in the past. Do not cheat and ask Beth & Ian.



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