Training Nights 1st & 8th July

There will be no training on Thursday 1 July or on Thursday 8 July.

Training starts again on Thursday 15 July

If you did some pool training but haven’t got round to coming outdoors yet come along on July 15th and make a start. We will be very happy to see you. There will be another 7 training nights before the season ends in September.

Congratulations to the 23 people who achieved One Star Performance Award during the first 7 weeks of training.  Get yourself on to a few club trips and aim to do some more training on Thursday’s to reach Two Star by the end of the season!


Tuesday evening trips and longer trips on Saturday or Sunday are open to everyone with a One Star. Try one or two evening trips to build up your fitness before going on a day trip.

For details see the website or contact Craig Lobban on 07795674053 day or 01950477644 night,

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