Da Voar Redd Up 2011

Shetland’s Award Winning Annual Clean Up.

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th April.

Please come along and support the club in helping to keep our bit of  Shetland tidy and you can all enjoy the clean beaches on our paddles at Bridge End during the training sessions .  As with every year we try to kayak to a location where we can do some cleaning up and take our lunch with us. As April weather can be a bit unpredictable we sometimes have to walk. So fingers crossed we get to paddle from the centre down to Ayre Dyke and Symbister , both are regular club paddles, to do some bruck collection. The  Amenity Trust are keen to have photos from us especially if we can kayak down so bring your cameras along  as well .  It would be best to get photos to them asap as they would like them in for the next issue of the Shetland Times.

Some of the statistics from the Amenity Trust who have organised the event since 1988.  

 4 ,191 people took part in 2010 which is 19% of the population. 

The total amount of bruck collected in 2010 came to just over 53 tonnes.

Volunteers make Voar Redd up a success and the Amenity Trust are relying on folk like us to do their bit in helping to keep Shetland tidy. 

So remember  DUNNA CHUCK BRUCK. 

Meeting time will be at Bridge End Centre at 11.00 Sunday 17th .

Gloves and bags are provided along with bright waistcoats to let folk know what we are doing.

Hopefully see you next weekend.


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