Club Trip Sunday 31st July

Venue: Stenness to Hillswick                    Leader: Ian.

Paddling from Stenness, to be on the water for 1pm, Coming out at Hillswick approx 6pm. Maybe possible to go to Dor Holm and the Drongs.

This paddle is open to beginners and experienced paddlers.

If you would like to go on this paddle then contact Ian on 01595880769 before 6pm Sat night [...]

Club Trip Tues 26th July

Venue: Billster,  North Nesting         CHANGE OF START POINT

Leader: Julie                   Easy trip open to all 1 star and experienced

Leave from Billister, North Nesting paddling to Kirkabister, North Nesting. On the water for 7pm. Distance approx 8 – 9 km.

A short car shuttle will be required so arrive early.

Club boats limited to 11, so contact Craig early [...]

Spirit Dancer

The 42ft canoe Spirit Dancer is in Scalloway today (Wednesday 20th) and anyone is welcome to go for a paddle with them, and it’s free! It can hold 16+ people at a time. The crew are staying in the Scalloway Youth Centre, or you can contact me (Mark 07766054776) or Davie Sandison (07801792830) to find [...]

Club trip Tues 19th July

Venue: Whiteness                                          Leader: Julie

THis paddle will meet at Whiteness shop at 6:30 Tues evening.  This paddle is open to all 1 star and experienced paddlers. The trip will leave from Strom bridge and paddle down stromness voe and back up Whiteness voe.

The trip will be approx 11km. If you would like to come on this paddle [...]

Club trip Sunday 17th July

Leader: Tam


Meet at Walls boating club at 12:30 looking to be on the water for 1pm.

Leaving Walls and heading round to Westerwick, Mark from America is coming along with Tam on this paddle, if you would like to join them contact Tam on 01950477222 (leave a message if not in) or Craig.

Wind looking to be [...]

Tall Ship's Trip Thursday 21st July

Due to planned trip in Lerwick harbour there will be no training session at Bridge End Thursday night. This is open to all club members.

We are taking all equipment into Lerwick to paddle around the harbour amongst the Tall ships. If you would like to participate on this trip contact Craig on 07795674053 (day) or [...]

Club Trip Tues 12th July

Venue: Nibon                                 Leader: Angus

This trip will meet at Mavis Grind 6:45 latest. It is proposed to paddle from Nibon back down to Mavis Grind.

(Alternatively if weather permits trip may leave Mavis Grind and head south to Muckle Roe.)

This is open to experienced and the stronger 1 star paddlers.  The trip will be approx 6 km [...]

Club trip Tuesday 5th July

Venue:  Cunningsburgh – Sandwick

Leader: Tam

This paddle will be leaving from Aithvoe pier, on the water for 7pm. Travelling south along coast to Sandsayre pier, Sandwick.

This is an easy trip open to all 1 star + experienced.

Contact Craig to let him know numbers and with equipment requirements if you would like to come on this trip.

Club Trip Sunday 3rd July

Venue:  Levenwick

Leader: Tam 

This day trip will be leaving from Levenwick beach at 10 am. Heading south. This is for experienced paddlers only, If you would like to go on this paddle contact Tam on 01950477222 to confirm.

Weather: Force 3/4 Northerly wind.