Winter Activities

As the summer draws to a close, you might be thinking of drying off the kit and packing it away until next year.

Well, think again!

Kayaking isn’t just a summer sport. It may be cold, windy and wet (let’s face it, in our sport it’s always wet), but there’s still fun to be had. Here are a couple of activities that you might consider:

1. Come and play on the waves. Surf kayaking in short boats is great fun when the swell is anywhere between south-westerly and south-easterly (most good beaches in Shetland face south or south east)

2. Head for the rivers. OK, we don’t have rivers in Shetland, but there are plenty on the mainland and every year a small bunch of us head south for a bit of exilerating white water fun. The plan this year is to paddle during the week before the Perth paddle show on 22-23 October, and possibly take in the Tay Descent We’ll be choosing rivers to suit the abilities of anyone who cares to join us – easy or mental as appropriate.

If you fancy either of these activities, let me know.


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