Thursday 16th May - Our first outdoor session!

Forecast isn’t too bad (better than tonight) and by the time we get on the water should be a fine night.

Just to recap – meet at Bridge End sometime 6.30pm/ 6.45pm ish, report to Arthur and then break up into groups ready to go on the water. Coaches and helpers will match individual beginners with boats and kit, we’re aiming to get on the water at about 7pm.

We’re going to finish back at Bridge End around 9pm. If you’re happy to stay later please speak to your coach when you’re getting sorted.

It’s not a planned wet session but if anyone falls in we’ll practice rescues!

Existing members please note – for the first few Thursday sessions priority will be given to this year’s beginners for boats and gear.

(Please please please remember that membership needs to be sorted before you use club equipment.)

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