Thursday 23rd May -another fun night

Club training night

With force 6 winds falling away, a downwind run was decided on and a mad time was spent frantically sorting things out to get everyone up to the far end of the isle  for what proved to be  an excellent time out on the water. Encountering wind-blown swell was a new experience for the beginners group which all coped well with, plenty of opportunities for working on back-paddling as we stayed together as a group, and we even had a small number of intrepid kayakers checking out just how stable a raft is as  they took it in turns to try the human sail technique!

Back at Bridge End a couple of rugged individuals took the plunge and did their wet exits rescues and swims to shore before everyone headed off home.

So, despite the strong winds and the headaches of getting 17 beginners and 6 coaches/ assistants to Burra Bridge, a good evening’s paddling.

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