Another gray and blustery night, must be Beginners training! Thursday 13th June

Yet another evening of blustery winds and scattered showers came over Bridge End as the fifth session of the season got underway. Most paddlers were out in kayaks, four in canoes. Heading South into a brisk headwind, everyone had the opportunity to experience the benefits of whatever shelter could be found and why [...]

Thursday 6th June – Beginner session - lots of people on a short trip

There was an excellent turnout of beginners this week, who with the three coaches and two assistants meant a group of 21 on the water in kayaks and two in a canoe! As we headed South you could see the ability to paddle in a straight line getting less of an effort, and those early [...]

Not kayak related, but a must for classical music fans

I know it’s not exactly kayak related but Donald MacDonald is one of our members and will be playing at Mareel with the Edrom String Quartet. Wed.12th June 7.30 Program of music by Schubert, Beethoven and Dvorak . If you like classical music, I’m sure it will be a treat.

Thursday 6th– Beginner session 4 - penultimate pre-trip session

This will be one of the last few formal coaching session for 2013 as we’re going to be coaching ‘on-the-go’ during trips. Tonight we’ll be working on finishing off 1* and prep for trips. If you haven’t got 1* and aren’t able to get tonight, you will need to speak to the coaches about your [...]

Thursday 30th beginners session - we got wet.

A much calmer day than last week, and yet another good turn out and it was for our planned ‘wet’ session!
Split into three groups, each doing something slightly different and all ended up getting wet. The two main groups can be seen in the photo (thanks Arthur!): one using the small boats for the straight [...]