Vementry - club camping trip - 6th/7th September

On Friday evening, nine intrepid paddlers braved a poor forecast and set forth from Clousta for an overnight camp. After a bit of a breezy crossing with a just a touch of swell, they arrived in Vementry, promptly set up camp before the sun set and, with a good fire burning on the beach and the sky clearing, it turned into a lovely evening. Overnight the promised rain also arrived in Vementry, accompanied by some very strong gusts to test everyone’s tent-setting skills and keep the temperature down.The morning dawned wet and wild, a gathering in Angus’s tent porch led to copious amounts of tea and hot fluids being consumed while Jim ate his bacon, and a group set off to walk round to the gun emplacements while others snuck back to their tents for a little additional shut-eye. As the walkers returned tents were struck, kayaks packed and another quick cuppa drunk before getting back on the water and the return leg to Clousta. It was again a bit of a blustery paddle with a little wind-blown waves to give a gentle workout before the shelter of the voe at Clousta was reached.

Many thanks to Angus and Tam for sorting out a great little trip!

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