canoe polo – progressing

In case you were wondering what’s happening with the canoe polo, we’re ordering new helmets and getting faceguards to make it safe t play. Once they’re here we can sort out training and hopefully get a few games in.

Nominations for committee members

The committee stands down on the 31st January at the AGM. If you have strong views about how the club should be run, get someone to nominate you and stand for a place on the committee! If you know someone who you think would be good at it talk it over with them and nominate [...]

AGM Friday 31st January Radio Room Islesburgh, 7pm

The Club AGM will be held on 31st January in the Radio Room,  Islesburgh at 7pm.

Nominations for all office bearers including Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Training Coordinator, Equipment Officer, Trips Coordinator, Child protection officer,  ordinary committee members and any other posts Рnames to Jonathan Swale please. Nominations can also be made at the meeting.

As [...]