Sea Kayaking will be represented when the Queen’s baton visits Shetland!

Mavis Robertson, a long-standing member of the Club and until recently our lead coach, will be doing her leg of the relay about 10.30am just south of the “Tesco” roundabout to the end of South Lochside!

In her own words
“… a cheering crowd would be wonderful (!) or one or two individuals with a bouyancy aid [...]

Tiderace kayaks available to try in Shetland

Roddy McDowell of Kayak Bute is paddling this year at the symposium.  As the Scottish Tiderace dealer he’s offering to bring up Tiderace Xcites, Xplores, Xtras, Xcapes and the plastic Vortex up with him! Check out Kayak Bute for details of these lovely boats!

29th May - Thursday night coaching and trip

With visiting paddlers plus all the beginners in flat calm conditions, a trip round Hous was quickly arranged for the majority and away they went for what was a lovely paddle! Visibility wasn’t great but it all added to the experience of the first trip for beginners this year.

A second group were also out in a [...]

Training Bridge End this Thursday will include rescues and a bit of incident management. Anyone planning on coming on trips – come along and practice

Angus is talking about this week’s session including rescues, contact tows and general incident management. What we cover will depend on who turns up and can be as advanced as people want. If you’re planning on going on trips this should be a good session to attend. Expect to get wet so bring dry clothes [...]