Thursday 25 - Evening trip round Lerwick Harbour

A great evening for a paddle saw 22 people on the water, a good mix of experienced paddlers and beginners.

Starting at the Bod of Gremistra, we went straight cross to Bressay and turning south headed to the ferry terminal. After a bit of a rest while a huge tug headed through the harbour, it was [...]

Paddle, Thursday June

If you want to go for the short trip please be at Bridge End between 6.30 and 6.45pm to load trailer and ensure the boat you want is on it and paddles etc has gone into the box. Possibility is a trip round Lerwick Harbour, to be confirmed when we meet tomorrow night. Got [...]

Saturday 20 June – additional training available…

There are a number of folks training for Level 1 coaches who’d appreciate some additional coaching practice!  It will be in a slightly different way of coaching to what we’ve normally do and is a great opportunity to focus on skills development  now you’ve had a chance to get outside and get a little experience [...]

Beginners session 110615

With a brisk breeze blowing from the south, a trip to north seemed a good idea.

Over the first few miles the beginners encountered their first waves to surf on, gradually building the nearer we got to Scalloway.

Rafting up in Clift Sound gave an opportunity to relax for a few minutes, stretch the legs and take [...]

Beginners session 04/06/15

Another nice Thursday evening out on the water, getting a little further each time. With the majority now at 1* can’t call these beginners sessions for much longer! Anyway, relatively calm meant we got to almost to Houss before swell kicked in. Shetland provided a break in the clouds and one of it’s stunning sunset [...]

Shetland Canoe Club Forum

Don’t forget that we also have the forum. There are a number of things which may be of interest such as planning club trips, coaching videos and resources, and a for sale page.