Beginners session 110615

With a brisk breeze blowing from the south, a trip to north seemed a good idea.

Over the first few miles the beginners encountered their first waves to surf on, gradually building the nearer we got to Scalloway.

Rafting up in Clift Sound gave an opportunity to relax for a few minutes, stretch the legs and take in the views. In spite of the growing swell, there was even a chance for a Craig to take a photo or two.

By the time we reached the bridge there were a few tired bodies glad to see the end in sight, the myth that using the waves to go fast was easy firmly dispelled. ┬áThe swell dying down as we entered the harbour also give Jim the chance to chase down Mike who’d swapped the plastic Etaine for Jim’s glass version and was thoroughly enjoying himself!

And there we were, off the water, stowing boats and gear, trip finished. Just the shuttle to sort out to get folks back to their cars and kit sitting at Bridge End.

Many thanks to Jim and Matthew for towing trailers; to Mike and Craig for helping run the shuttle at the beginning of the trip; Craig for coordinating the shuttle in reverse; and everyone for getting stuck in there and sorting gear out so we could all get home.

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