Club trips - end June and into July 2017

Passage 2.5km south of Nibon

After a slow start to the trip season, things have got a bit busier now and people have got out and about. Many thanks to Rachel for doing lots of ┬ádriving over the last few weekends and evenings and getting people organised, making it all possible. Thanks must also go to Angus, Catriona, Rosalind, Gerald and all the other club coaches and trip leaders. Here’s a few photos from trips around Oxna and Papa, Ronas Voe, Muckle Roe and Nibon

Muckle Roe Caving

rock and stack hopping, Ronas Voe

Over 30 paddlers getting ready to set off from Hamnavoe

Cave entrance, Mangaster

Cave, just south of Tokka

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