Thursday 25 - Evening trip round Lerwick Harbour

A great evening for a paddle saw 22 people on the water, a good mix of experienced paddlers and beginners.

Starting at the Bod of Gremistra, we went straight cross to Bressay and turning south headed to the ferry terminal. After a bit of a rest while a huge tug headed through the harbour, it was [...]

Good start to the pool sessions

Thursday night saw thirteen paddlers in the pool, a great start to this run of five sessions before the beginners training. Nice to see a full pool! Thanks go to Angus for bringing the boats.

If you fancy giving paddling a try, you can now turn up and have a free session. There will be a [...]

Committee Meeting Friday 28th Feb

First committee meeting for 2014. If you’re interested in shaping what’s going to happen throughout this year, let one of the committee know and turn up to discuss.

Club trips – why not volunteer to help organise!

We all want trips to happen, be well run and enjoyable. However, it’s a lot of work for one person to take on, especially when they don’t always need to.

Every trip needs a trip leader, but it doesn’t mean the leader needs to organise it all.  Often they have all their own boats and gear, [...]

Simmer Dim Paddle, south end Muckle Roe

Grabbing a quick weather window, a group of five of us (Bryan, Jim, Fiona and Steve plus myself) took the opportunity for a few hours paddling. Swell forecast wasn’t great and some of us weren’t wanting too late a night, so a shortish paddle in a relatively sheltered area was in order! Unfortunately the swell [...]

Tuesday 28th May - 1* and over sessions, session 2.

This is the second session for anyone who’s paddled before and wants to get out on the water. Meet at Bridge End again, usual aim of being on the water at 7pm sharp so be there a good bit before that, and don’t forget hot drink/ spare clothes etc. We may not be going in at Bridge [...]

Tuesday 21st May - 1* and over sessions are starting this week.

This week we’re starting with sessions for anyone who’s paddled before and wants to get out on the water again. Whether you’re one of last year’s beginners or you’ve decided to come back to sea kayaking after a break, the sessions over the next couple of weeks are for you.

We’re aiming to be on the water at [...]