...Canoe polo...

play in the pool, work on paddling skills and (probably) have the most fun you can experience in a public swimming pool! Don’t need to be an expert paddler, will be working on building skills and enjoy ourselves. Great way to get/ stay fit too.

Get in contact with Jonathan Swale, Jim Tait or myself if you’re interested.

Hopefully [...]

2014 Shetland Sea Kayak Symposium Booking forms now available

That’s the forms available for next year’s symposium! The prices have ended up higher than previously, though there’s a discount on the symposium fee (not accommodation/meals/ foxed costs) . If you’re currently a club member remember to check out the forum for additional special offer.


Thursday 5th Lerwick paddle - a great night on the water

19 paddlers took to the water last night to make the most of one of the best Thursday nights we’ve had this season. Despite headaches with getting enough boats together, got on the water at the Lerwick Marina and paddled across to Bressay.

As the clouds gave us a stunning display of colours over Bressay, we [...]

Thursday 18th July – finishing the 1*

Talking with a few folks, we’re looking at a ‘tidy up’ session this week at Bridge End. Even if it’s a beautiful evening we’re going to try and get everyone to the point of 1* certification, though it won’t stop us doing some paddling if conditions are good.

Additional details on the Forum

Lerwick Lifeboat exercise

Monday evening saw the planned exercise with the Lerwick Lifeboat kick off in Gulberwick bay.

Club members started running the first scenario, a heart attack victim, while the lifeboat made it’s way out from the harbour. After less than five minutes, the lifeboat flew across the mouth of the bay and the rafted paddlers (with victim) [...]

Monday 8th - Night out with Lerwick Lifeboat confirmed!

Iain D has now confirmed, an evening out with the lifeboat crew will take place on Monday 8th July

If you’re at all interested please please please get in contact so we can arrange boats and trailers for everyone!


Paddle Orkney

Just had an email from Nick in Orkney, still time to book for anyone that’s interested.

It’s a similar set up to our very own symposium and tries to have something for every level of paddler. There’s very few ways to boost your paddling skills to match the experience you gain in this sort of weekend, [...]

Thursday 20th June - beginners+ session

In discussion with Angus, possibly looking at paddling from Bridge End to Scalloway Marina as this Thursday’s session. As we’re going to have to arrange shuttle for drivers to get back from Scalloway to Bridge End meet at Scalloway Marina between 6.30pm and 6.45pm to sort lifts out.

You will also now need to be considering [...]

Another gray and blustery night, must be Beginners training! Thursday 13th June

Yet another evening of blustery winds and scattered showers came over Bridge End as the fifth session of the season got underway. Most paddlers were out in kayaks, four in canoes. Heading South into a brisk headwind, everyone had the opportunity to experience the benefits of whatever shelter could be found and why [...]

Thursday 6th June – Beginner session - lots of people on a short trip

There was an excellent turnout of beginners this week, who with the three coaches and two assistants meant a group of 21 on the water in kayaks and two in a canoe! As we headed South you could see the ability to paddle in a straight line getting less of an effort, and those early [...]