Strom Loch Thursday 17th June

On Thursday (17 June) a group of 15 intrepid paddlers went to play at the outflow of Strom Loch. New paddlers were able to learn  “breaking in” to the current from an eddy and “breaking out” again. Some mastered a “ferry glide” across the river too. Our river experts, Jonathan, Steve, Jim and Paula did a great job in passing on their skills and Arthur and Mark struggled manfully against a Force 6 wind in sea kayaks to rescue those who went for a swim.

Most of us sampled the water temperature at some point in the evening! “Paddler of the evening” must go to Gregor for persistence leading to success! All of us had fun. Some have been inspired to join Jonathan on a trip to some real rivers later in the year.  If you missed Thursdays event we plan to go again as soon as there is a low tide at a convenient time. The next Thursday evening when that happens is in early September,

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