Thursday Training Night 17 June


Normal training will still be at Bridge End Centre.

If you would like to try some river paddling follow details below.

Meet at strom bridge as soon after 6:30 as you can.

The loch empties out under the bridge into the sea and while the tide is low the flow of water creates a very short length of “river”. The flow will be enough to create gentle river conditions till about 8:30pm that evening.

This is a good chance to try river paddling and be introduced to some of the skills. It might inspire you to go on the club river trip in October! Come along and have some fun.

Getting there from Lerwick

Travel north out of Lerwick, at the Brig of Fitch bear right, take the A971 to the west towards Tingwall airstrip. Pass the airstrip with the airport on your RIGHT. Pass Wormadale and continue to the Whiteness shop. You are nearly at the bridge.

Parking could be a problem. Try to share cars or go on to Whiteness school and come back in fewer cars.

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